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About the Project

Before founding Walden O’Neill we had worked with Acquia for over 2 years in various guises.  When we registered our new business as partners through their portal they were incredibly proactive in contacting us and inviting us to meet them and present our new proposition.  

Through these conversations we gained a better understanding of how Acquia’s solutions enhance the core offering of Drupal and it became clear this would be our preferred technology solution.

We love the fact that Drupal can be adapted and configured to suit any strategy, allowing us to create highly bespoke and flexible digital experiences without the huge overheads of a proprietary CMS.  Paradoxically however, it is this flexibility that can give Drupal a bad name.  There are just so many ways to develop and deploy Drupal that if you do it wrong, you’ll end up with a solution that is difficult to maintain and potentially insecure.

That’s where Acquia comes in.  Founded by Dries Buytaert (creator of Drupal) who still retains the role of CTO, Acquia is a Drupal-tuned, enterprise-quality hosting platform.  As a technology and an organisation, Acquia is the best thing we’ve seen in terms of driving consistency and quality standards for Drupal solutions.

It’s a solution we believe can compete with anything else in the CMS and hosting world and this belief made it an easy decision when we had the opportunity to become the first agency partner to sign up to their Acquia Cloud Enterprise Ramp (A.C.E.R.) solution.

As well as the strategy, user experience, design, development and optimisation services Walden O’Neill was already offering, A.C.E.R. allows us to offer our clients a hosting solution that is:

  • Extremely secure.
  • High availability: 99.95% guaranteed uptime.
  • Supported by global engineers 24/7.
  • Remotely administered: all security and Drupal core updates automatically applied.
  • Managed through an intuitive dashboard.


This means our claim of being a full service agency is complete and because of the partner model we can offer this at a price that is affordable for SMEs compared to traditional enterprise solutions.  

Our relationship with Acquia is a partnership in the true sense of the word and has already enhanced Walden O’Neill’s value proposition.  
If you’re interested in Walden O’Neill’s services or would like to discuss a specific requirement, please contact us.

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