Drupal website performance optimisation

  • Clarion Events

About the Project

Across 11 sites we:

  • Improved average response times by over 87 seconds.
  • Reduced average bandwidth by 83Mb.
  • Reduced average latency by over 1.6 seconds.


The challenge

Clarion Events manage hundreds of websites for their global events and businesses.  Over time some of these sites had become bloated and unwieldy in terms of how they were configured and how their assets were optimised and managed.  

Our challenge was to enhance the performance of the sites, reduce the load on servers and extend the shelf-life of existing hardware.  This was to be achieved without disrupting the availability of the sites


Our approach

We take a highly methodical approach to this kind of website optimisation and provide a thorough audit trail of our activity.  We also conduct detailed performance benchmarking (in this case with BlazeMeter) before and after any development is done so that we can prove the effectiveness and value of our work.

In the case of Clarion, the problem was largely with the assets not being correctly optimised, so Walden O’Neill’s technical team focussed their efforts on assessing and improving asset sizes across the 11 sites we had been asked to review.

We also assessed all of the Drupal modules and the Acquia hosting environment to ensure all caching and other server-side settings were correctly configured.  As we have a close working relationship with Acquia our developers are well-versed on Drupal/Acquia best-practice and if needed, we can always get their view on how our clients’ sites are configured.
If you’re interested in Walden O’Neill’s services or would like to discuss a specific requirement, please contact us.

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