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About the Project

NSF Health Sciences asked Walden O’Neill to help improve rankings for an important group of keywords.  Our work resulted in:

  • Percentage of keywords achieving top 3 rank: = 67% = 56%.
  • Average 5 place increase across keywords.
  • Overall 88 place increase for the 20 priority keywords across and
  • Average 12.6% reduction in bounce rate.


A happy client:

“Finding a suitable SEO provider is no easy task and I am delighted that Walden O’Neill have proved their worth as a strategic partner in NSF Health Science’s desire to improve its organic search rankings.

The team at Walden O’Neill has been professional from the start, maintain regular contact, provide novel solutions and always respond in a friendly, approachable and timely manner.”

Heather Taylor  – Director of Marketing, Global Health Sciences, NSF


Our approach

We were asked to propose how we would address the issue in a sustainable way.  We focussed on ensuring we were targeting the right terms and proposing amends to page content and metadata that would have an immediate impact and be easy to maintain in a difficult technical environment.

We created detailed page briefs ensuring the clear definition of content factors such as:

  • User intent (what are users looking to achieve when they come to these pages).
  • Secondary keywords (related terms that support primary term).
  • One target page per keyword: in many cases there were duplicate pages before.
  • New keyword focussed URLs: implementing 301 redirects and rel=canonical tags.
  • Aligning headers and metadata to the keywords.
  • Revised content to better integrate primary and secondary keywords.


These updates were published and the page briefs can be continuously updated to adapt to changing requirements and used to ensure page updates are briefed in a controlled and considered manner.

We also defined a comprehensive tracking process that measured the on-going changes in rank for each term and could be used to tweak the pages to adapt to Google updates and improve results.


If you’re interested in Walden O’Neill’s services or would like to discuss a specific requirement, please contact us.

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