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We are a full-service User Experience (UX) and Digital consultancy founded in 2015.

We can help you:

  • Define your digital strategy
  • Define a new UX or audit an existing application
  • Design and deliver your next project
  • Troubleshoot your existing website build
  • Manage and improve your website
  • Host your website
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We are a full-service User Experience (UX) and Digital consultancy founded in 2015.

We can help you:

  • Define your digital strategy
  • Define a new UX or audit an existing application
  • Design and deliver your next project
  • Troubleshoot your existing website build
  • Manage and improve your website
  • Host your website

We deliver:

Strategic consultancy

Digital consultancy

We can help you marry your business strategy to your technology and digital strategies.

Helping ensure you are clear on what you want to achieve, how you will deliver that and how you will measure success.

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Drupal consultancy

We can help you decide on the best configuration of your Drupal application, helping you answer questions such as:

  • Which version should you use?
  • Which layout options are best?
  • What are the priorities for content authors?
  • What content structure is most suitable?
  • What third-party integrations should you use?
  • What security configuration best suits your needs?

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Drupal 9 logo
London Centre for Nanotechnology design

User Experience design

We can support your entire design process, from new brand definition to website page and interaction design.

Once we have settled on a brand and UX that you are happy with, we are adept at bringing that to life in a way that is visually engaging, on-brand, usable and accessible.

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We focus on Drupal, but do work with other Open Source platforms.  In all our development projects we have a few principles that we always adhere to:

  • Deliver high quality, standards-driven code that is as easy to maintain as possible
  • As little customisation on Drupal modules as possible
  • Tailor the technical solution to the specific requirements of each client
  • Always consider the content editing experience, not just the end-user experience
  • Always deliver accessible code, WCAG AA minimum
  • All code and admin functions have to be as secure as possible
  • Use DevOps techniques to manage rapid deployments

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Coding image
Website optimisation

Website management and optimisation

We often inherit websites that require optimisation and on-going support and we are skilled at assessing where the main issues lie and improving aspect such as:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Cost of maintenance

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Drupal hosting

Security and efficiency of the development process are crucial to all our clients, a professional hosting partner is key to this.  Most of our sites are hosted with, with them as our partner we can offer:

  • Enterprise level security
  • Multiple environments (Dev, Stage and Production)
  • 24/7 support on the platform
  • Free TLS site encryption
  • Rapid deployment with no downtime
  • Speed enhancing tools such as CDN if required

We augment the solution with our own website monitoring, automated TLS certificate renewal and automated database backups.

This is an enterprise-level solution offered at a very reasonable price that meets the needs of most organisations but it can be enhanced further as required.

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Accessible as standard


Accessibility as standard

Everything we do, from defining the UX, through design, development and optimisation has an accessibility lens shone on it, as standard.  

We strive to meet WCAG AA and have a number of tools and techniques to help with this, including:

  • Automated code checks
  • Colour contrast ratio checks
  • Tabbed navigation checks
  • Screen-reader compatibility checks

This is never a ‘finished’ task, it is something we are constantly monitoring and adjusting on all our sites.

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Some of our clients

We're proud to be working with several charities and not-for-profit organisations where our work has a genuinely positive impact on peoples lives across the globe.

UCLH NHS Foundation Trust
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust
GSTT NHS Foundation Trust

Our Work

Examples of the work we deliver for our clients

Brand creation

CCM Brand Guidelines

Brand creation for new propositions as illustrated by our work defining the brand for Cancer Care Map, shown here.

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User Experience

Wireframe example

Full User Experience definition; from requirements gathering, workshops to sketch early concepts, Information Architecture definition, functional specification documentation through to wireframes of the full solution such as these examples from our work with UCLH.

Website design

London Centre for Nanotechnology design

We bring your User Experience to life with visually engaging, accessible and usable designs that guide your users to the key destinations in your site, as seen in this example, created for the London Centre for Nanotechnology.


UCLH Success homepage

We take pride in proposing the right technical solution depending on your needs and delivering high-quality, standards-driven code that will be efficient to maintain in the long-term, as seen in this Drupal 8 example for the UCLH NHS Foundation Trust that will be launching soon.

Website maintenance and enhancement

Plan International website

We are skilled at taking builds that are already in production and addressing issues such as speed, cost of maintenance and reliability.  

This is exactly what we did for Plan International when we took over the management of their 6 country sites in 2017, we continue to support them today.

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Accessibility as standard

W3C logo

We strive to make all our sites and digital experiences W3C AA compliant.

This isn't just the right thing to do but it has a number of other benefits too from ensuring you are delivering a consistent experience to all users to having a positive impact on your organic SEO.

NHS nurse recruitment

NHS logo

We have implemented bespoke recruitment strategies for multiple trusts over the last 5 years helping them to recruit hundreds of nurses at a fraction of the cost of their traditional channels.

We continue to add new campaigns supported by bespoke websites for new trusts every year.  This is one of our most rewarding engagements, helping the NHS at a time of great need.


See what our clients say about us

I have worked with Walden O’Neill both within my previous role at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and currently as Chief Nurse for Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. UCLH commissioned a recruitment website and the quality and effectiveness of the site led me to recommend one for development and use at SFHT.

They have approached the work I have commissioned on both occasions with enthusiasm, professionalism and efficiency (meeting all deadlines agreed). The team were approachable and friendly and worked with us to develop a site that met our individual needs and is centred around candidate experience.

The team have been excellent at all stages of the website development, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other trusts and colleagues.
Julie Hogg
Chief Nurse, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Julie Hogg, Chief Nurse
Walden O'Neill has supported the Outsmart website since 2017 and we are extremely happy with the service they provide.

They are always willing to go the extra mile and are extremely knowledgeable in their field, a very safe pair of hands.
Tim Lumb
Insight and Effectiveness Director
Tim Lumb
Plan International has worked with Walden O'Neill for over three years supporting our Drupal websites and they have always been professional, knowledgeable and great to work with.

I would definitely recommend them.
James Perryman
Digital Communications Officer at Plan International
James Perryman
I would recommend Walden O'Neill to any organisation.

From the beginning, they listened to our requirements and helped shape our ideas into workable, technical solutions. Their agile approach to project management enabled us to stay in control of our project and flexed with us as the project grew and developed.

They have a fantastic dev team who mix common sense with technical skill and the results have been exceptional.
Alex Hale
Managing Director, PeoplEd
I have been extremely impressed with Walden O'Neill's energy, professionalism and skill in the delivery of the perioperative nurse recruitment campaign and it really has highlighted that there is another way to manage our recruitment process.
The campaign, website and our new internal approach have been recognised throughout the trust as a fantastic example of how the recruitment process can be managed and we are looking forward to building on our success with similar campaigns for new roles in the near future.
Fran Davies
HR Business Partner, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust


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