About us

We are a full-service agency focussed on delivering great User Experiences (UX) with Open Source technology.

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet and doing business in an ethical way.

We are focussed on Drupal as our platform of choice but believe the technology should fit the need (not the other way round), so we can also deliver in simpler CMS's, such as WordPress.

The team

Over the last 2 years, we have migrated to an almost entirely remote team, this is obviously something that has stood us in good stead given the current circumstances.

We have spent a long time finding people that we trust in the key disciplines of UX, Design and Development.  This serves us well in terms of bringing the right people on board when we need them for specific projects.

Mike Gough manages all this from the new Walden O'Neill base in Bristol.

With this team and our partners, we are able to bring the right people to the right project at the right time and deliver great experiences for our clients.

Walden O'Neill office
Connected light bulbs

Doing business in the right way

We believe that as a business and as individuals we should always strive to have a positive impact on the world, we are all connected. To that end, we support:

  • Campaigns for investment in renewable energy
  • Campaigns against investment in fossil fuels
  • Charities who focus on conservation of the environment and the biodiversity of the natural world
  • The fight against the accumulation of plastic in our oceans and society in general
  • Charities who focus on issues such as poverty, children's education and homelessness either in the UK or in developing nations.

Our commitment to the Drupal Project

As a small team built by non-developers, we've not been able to contribute in the way that the Drupal community predominantly measures that, code commits.

However, we understand we have a responsibility to give back to the Drupal Project and we do this in a number of ways:

  • Maintaining our membership of the Drupal Association Supporting Partner Program
  • Showcasing and promoting the latest Drupal has to offer to our prospects and clients
  • Taking an active role in organising and maintaining Drupal Meetups

Passion, communication,

quality and trust.