Cancer Care Map

About the project

Cancer Care Map

We’re incredibly fortunate to have clients whose work has a genuinely positive impact on people’s lives and this is an excellent example of that.

Cancer Care Map is the brainchild of Dimbleby Cancer Care who have been providing cancer support services for over 50 years and want to provide a way for people to easily find support services of any kind from any provider in their area.

We worked with them to:

  • Design the brand experience
  • Define the User Experience (UX)
  • Apply the brand to the page designs and UX
  • Build the site in Drupal 7
  • Support the site during it’s ‘incubation’ where the database was curated

After a long wait, the site launched on World Cancer Day, February 4th 2018.  There are exciting plans for its future and we are extremely proud to be supporting such an excellent cause.

If you’re interested in Walden O’Neill’s services or would like to discuss a specific requirement, please contact us.

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